La Spezia and surroundings

To make your stay unforgettable, we invite you to explore the surroundings and discover together the wonders of this unique region.


Romantic Strolls
along the Sea


Dreamy Sunsets
at Cinque Terre


Boat Excursions to
Palmaria and Tino Islands


Romantic Dinner
in Local Restaurants


Hiking in Natural Parks


Ligurian Cooking Classes
for Couples

Exploring La Spezia and its surroundings with your partner will make your stay even more memorable. We are here to help you plan every detail and make your time with us a romantic experience to remember.

Our charming city rich in history and culture.

An enchanting seaside village with colorful houses overlooking the sea and an extraordinary panoramic view.

The first of the Cinque Terre, with its narrow streets and colorful houses overlooking the sea.

A picturesque village with colorful houses, perfect for a romantic sunset stroll.

Characterized by terraced vineyards and a tranquil atmosphere. An ideal place for a romantic getaway.

A charming fishing village with a small bay and an authentic atmosphere.

The largest of the Cinque Terre, with a beautiful beach and a variety of restaurants and shops.

A characteristic village with a castle overlooking the Gulf of Poets, ideal for romantic walks.

A small stone jewel with picturesque streets and breathtaking sea views.

A coastal town with a lovely beach and a castle by the sea, perfect for a relaxing day.

A region rich in medieval villages, castles, and breathtaking landscapes.

A medieval city rich in history, with its picturesque squares and markets. Ideal for a romantic stroll through its ancient streets.

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